Positive Behavioral Intervention & Supports

WE are a PBIS school! 

PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports. At Washington Elementary PBIS is known as The Mustang WayEvery day, Principal Kate Stanton finishes the morning announcements with our Mustang pledge:

I am a Mustang.

I pledge to be responsible and respectful too.

I pledge to be a caring friend and safe in all I do.

I pledge to live the Mustang Way – everyday!

PBIS is the understanding that appropriate behavior and social competence is a skill that requires direct teaching to students just like math and reading.  There is no assumption, in PBIS, that students will learn social behavior automatically or pick it up as they go through life.  We teach common expectations to students so they understand what is expected of them by all adults in the building.  

An important part of PBIS is the positive reinforcement of expected behaviors.  When students are observed following the expectations, the may be rewarded by being explicitly told what they are doing correctly, as they are handed a ticket.  They then put their name on the ticket and put it in a classroom bucket.  Over the course of the week, tickets are drawn at random for prizes, special jobs in the room and other fun things.  The hope is over time the tickets are not needed, but in the beginning the positive reinforcement of the ticket is important. 

Another part of PBIS is our office referral process for unexpected behaviors. We have 2 categories of unexpected behaviors, majors and minors.  Major behaviors are more serious behaviors including harming another student, stealing, damaging property, etc. Minor behaviors are less serious behaviors such as blurting-out, lying, excluding another student, etc.  If a student receives a minor referral it will be handled within the classroom and a ½-sheet report will be sent home.  If a student receives a major referral it may be dealt within the classroom or by the principal and a full sheet report will be sent home, along with a phone call from the teacher or principal.  This referral process allows for consistent management of behaviors, the ability to track behaviors throughout the school and reteach areas of expectations when we see patterns of unexpected behaviors.  Link- Major and Minor Behavior List

The students and staff are very excited about the Mustang Way, the common expectations, the tickets and the rewards!  Be sure to ask your child if they have received a ticket and if they know the expectations.