Washington Elementary Counselor

“Getting to see positive growth and development in WE students over time is what fills up my cup as a counselor. I love having the opportunity to get to work here at WE!”

– Nicole Elliott, School Counselor

Classroom Guidance

Individual Counseling

If your child is experiencing difficulty managing life changes, emotions, or behavior, they are welcome to meet with Mrs. Elliott for individual counseling.  Students may choose on their own to schedule an appointment with Mrs. Elliott or they may be referred by a parent/guardian or staff member.


School counseling services are confidential.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention found that students are more likely to seek help if counseling and mental health services were kept confidential.  Protecting your child’s right to privacy is very important to the school counseling program at Washing Elementary.  If serious issues arise during counseling with your child, Mrs. Elliott will notify you.  Such issues include:  Your child is being hurt, your child wants to hurt someone else, or your child wants to hurt themselves.


  • Covid-19 Social Stories — A great way to talk to your child about the changes here at school and in our every day lives. Stories include importance of hand washing, what Covid-19 is, why we are wearing masks at school, etc.
  • Mrs. Elliott’s Calm Down Office — A virtual room with many fun activities and sites.